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Will My Wedding be Remembered?

I was reading an industry article that said, the average guest will attend 8-10 weddings per year. How many is too many? Do you think that the average guest will remember all the things that happen at those events? Where were they held? What was on the menu? What was memorable?


Now imagine if your event was one of those 8-10? How important is it to have your guests remember that event? Every moment of your day matters to us! From the style of music that is playing when your guests arrive, to the song selection for your first dance. What was it about this song, that is important to you? Make sure your guests know, why you chose this song to represent you.


Those little moments will lead to a memorable outcome. They will photograph better, leave a lasting memory, and be the talk of your friends & family for years to come!

Most couples fall into the trap of throwing money sporadically at their wedding, without a good plan. They fall victim to the wedding casino! How troubling. With the price of weddings on the rise, couples need to have a distinct guide through the process.

I would LOVE to help!

Want to know how to set your event apart from every other event? Reach out today, and find out! I LOVE to design weddings.


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