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What's Your Perfect First Dance Song?

I know that you have "your song" already picked out! How did it happen? When was it?

Was it playing the first time you kissed? Was it on the radio before you went out on your first date, and no matter how hard you tried, it just wouldn't leave your brain?

Let's face it, music is all around you. In your office, on your phone, in the gym while you work out.

Now you have someone at your disposal that lives music. (he looks a lot like me!)

I live for new music. The songs that have a message that fits the couple perfectly. Everyone at your wedding has heard the same songs, cue Ed Sheeran, or Tim McGraw.

Imagine if you found a hidden gem. Would they pay attention a little bit longer? Would they stay a little longer at your reception? Number one reason the guests leave early is because they aren't shown anything new! Imagine going to 8 weddings a year and 6 of them had the same first dance song. #BORING!

I keep hearing about all these boring/common weddings that guests keep attending, thank goodness I'm not at any of them!

You can take my first dance quiz and find Your Perfect song, within 20 seconds!

Click the link below to begin!


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