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What's Your Perfect Father Daughter Dance Song?

When I create weddings for our clients, one of the most sacred times are when we get to the subject of the dad! Big Mean ol' Dad! (As a father of 2 daughters, this moment hits home every time!) Every bride has a different REALtionship with her father, and what does he mean to her. What's that REALtionship like? Loving? Goofy? Adventerous? Memorable? Strained?

We even explore what does the grandfather mean to the bride? Great Uncle? Stepfather? Every REALtionship is different, and picking that one special song for their moment is crucial.

Want to make that moment even more memorable? What if we did a voice over for your dance? Everyone may know your dad, seeing him from softball practice, the post office, or even at the grocery store. But, your guests don't know what he means to you.

Click the link to hear the actual father/daughter voice over song:

Want even more ideas? Below is a link to a Spotify playlist of compiled songs I have played recently for my clients:



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