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What is Your Outcome?

Whenever I meet with a new couple. I share in their giddiness, their love is infectious. It reminds me of how my wife, Jessica and I love each other. I ask them lots of questions. My most famous is "why?"

Why did you choose that song for your first dance? Why are you having your sister make your cupcakes? Why did you choose her to be your maid of honor?

It all leads to your outcome. What will your guests remember? You are planning this one day, this amazing event that you've spent countless hours thinking about. Dreaming about.

You don't want to trust just anyone with a live microphone to tell your story, personalize the experience of the "cake cutting" "Grand Entrance" "First Dance" "Father/Daughter Dance."

With a live microphone, I take my role as Master of Ceremonies extremely seriously. In the past few years, I have spent thousands of dollars, to specific professional development from the world's leading trainers. In the hopes of delivering a better product for my couples. What comes out of my mouth, goes thru a mixing board, out to a set of speakers, then into your guests ears for them to interpret. What I say is a direct reflection of you as a couple. That's an enormous level of pressure! Choose wisely!

Or, do you not care? Does the time and money invested in this specific Saturday, not matter to you and your fiance? Is the DJ/MC your hire, just speakers and lights?

So I ask again...What is Your Outcome?

When your guests leave what will they remember? The food was good? There were chair covers? What if you could make them feel? Feel the love that you share? What will your guests talk about back at their jobs, come Monday morning? What pictures will you see on your honeymoon, via your #hashtag?

So again, I ask...What is Your Outcome?


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