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What is a Master of Ceremonies? Aren't they all the same?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Master of Ceremonies is someone that is able to direct, inform, and guide your evening's ceremonies, (i.e. cake cutting, first dance, shoe game, etc.) I am proud to say that I have received professional training as a Master of Ceremonies. I have invested thousands of dollars in training and development to hone my skills from some of the industry's leading instructors. The questions that I ask couples allow me to find out information about the guests, who will give the evening's blessing? Where will they be sitting? Is there anything special about the cake? Will dinner be buffet? Family style? And much more. Without this information, the evening becomes extremely choppy and not smooth.

The Master of Ceremonies vs. DJ. The DJ will be the one, behind the facade, on the controller, playing the music. Whereas the Master of Ceremonies will be out in front, addressing the audience, with his/her welcome, leading the evening's ceremonies. Once the microphone goes on, the training shines through. A poorly trained MC will be like a pesky mosquito. Where as a true professional will keep the audience engaged, directing your evening.

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