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What does your first dance say about you?

We've all been to weddings...what does that specific song mean to the newly married couple?

Is it another Ed Sheeran? Tim McGraw? Something different?

What does that song mean to them? Was it playing on the radio during their first date? Was it being streamed in an elevator when love entered into their relationship?

Creating that moment is special for the guests attending your wedding. We have probably heard that specific song 1000 times. But, what if the guests heard what makes that song special to you?

Would it engage them more? Would they feel something? Would they remember it better?

Perfect example, at a recent wedding. I had the pleasure of playing Tennessee Whiskey from Chris Stapleton for a couples first dance. Woven into the song were various recordings of their 2 beautiful little boys I captured via audio recording. At the final moment of the song...their son Jaxson says, I love you! How moving it was for the crowd to hear those spoken words.

Make sure your guests know exactly how special your first and forever song is.

While working with couples, my famous question is, "Why?"

I want to connect your audience with you, and to personalize every aspect of you event. Let your guests leave your reception singing your praises. Then when your "Tennessee Whiskey" song comes on their radio. They will be instantly thrown back to your wedding reception.


First and Forever Dance
Dustin & Scarlet

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