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To Barn or Not To Barn?

Non-traditional wedding locations have been gaining in popularity every year! My company is located in the Midwest. Specifically Central Illinois. It seems there is a new wedding venue popping up, with every turn of the century Dairy Barn, Quonset hut, or pole barn.

When you are planning on using a Barn for your event. Some major points to remember are your guest experience. How will the guests get from the ceremony to the reception? Is mobility an issue for any of your guests? What about time, from the end of ceremony to the cocktail/social hour? Also what goes in must come out, how many bathrooms will you need? Again is mobility an issue?

When laying out your perfect wedding. DO NOT PUT YOUR Grandparents near the entertainment!!!

(Insider Tip: Situate your entertainment near the dance floor.) Don't block the path between the entertainment, and the dancefloor with tables and chairs.

What time of year is your event? Will you need to budget for extra heaters? Industrial Air Conditioners? Fans? Will the bugs be an issue?

With every event I design, these are some of the questions that we cover. It all goes to your outcome. What will your guests remember about your wedding? What will your hashtag reveal about your wedding?

Your day is one that should be celebrated! Not worried about, who will empty the trash cans! A little forethought, can pay great dividends.

Want even more ideas? Setup your visit today, by sending me an email at


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