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10 country wedding planning mistakes to avoid!

🌾 Planning a Country Wedding? 🎶 Avoid These Pitfalls!

Howdy, all you lovebirds planning to say 'I do' in the beautiful countryside! As a seasoned Wedding DJ/MC with over 10 years of experience in creating unforgettable receptions, I've seen it all. Here are some tips to ensure your rural celebration goes off without a hitch:

1️⃣ Unpredictable Weather: Mother Nature doesn't always follow the script. Make sure you have a solid Plan B in case of rain or extreme heat. Consider renting a tent or providing fans and blankets for your guests. 2️⃣ Accessibility: Country venues can be a bit off the beaten path. Ensure your guests receive clear directions and have ample parking. Arrange transportation for those who might struggle with rugged terrain. 3️⃣ Sound System: Outdoor venues can be challenging for sound. Hire a professional sound and lighting team to make sure your vows and speeches are heard, and the dancefloor rocks. 4️⃣ Bugs and Pests: Countryside weddings sometimes come with extra guests – insects. Have some bug repellent on hand for your guests and consider citronella candles or decorative mesh screens. 5️⃣ Logistics: Country locations may lack amenities. Ensure you have portable restrooms and enough power sources for your vendors. 6️⃣ Wildlife: Rural settings can attract some curious critters. Speak with your venue about wildlife control or prevention measures to avoid any unexpected guests. 7️⃣ Decor: Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings but be mindful not to overdo it with decor. Simplicity can be stunning. 8️⃣ Plan Your Playlist: Discuss your music preferences with your DJ in advance. While I love spinning country tunes, don't forget to include a variety to please all your guests. 9️⃣ Local Vendors: Support local businesses for that authentic country experience. Farm-to-table catering, handmade decorations, and local flower arrangements can add a unique touch. 10️⃣ Get Ready for Dust: If you're having an outdoor dance floor, expect dust to kick up during the hoedown. Advise your guests to wear suitable footwear.

Remember, a country wedding can be a magical and charming experience. With careful planning and the right team of vendors, you'll create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 🤠💍





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