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Tim and Chelsea's Beautiful Wedding Celebration

On October 5th, 2019, friends Tim and Chelsea tied the knot. Their planning meetings leading up to the day were fun, creative and informative! Chelsea is the designer, planner. Tim, the "let Chelsea do it, type." lol. Very smart man.

Their reception was held at the Knights of Columbus #745, in Kankakee. The Cameo Room was beautifully decorated, in Gold and Wine colored drapery.

Tim and Chelsea, are obsessed with golf. So much that their proposal happened on a golf course. The honeymoon in Arizona to golf, and enjoy the desert weather.

The evening's festivities were kicked off instantly. From the Grand Entrance to the welcome of the evening from Tim.

Followed by the blessing of the meal from Tim's Grandma Gigi.

Then, creatively we had some fun with their audience. Everyone that has attended a wedding has seen a kissing activity. Whether it takes a piece of flatware, and strike the glass to make a sound. Or ring a bell, and the couple will kiss. Been there, done that!

A plan of incorporating the couple's favorite sport with a kissing game was devised. Have the guests become part of the show! Using a putt-putt green situated front and center of the room. Directly in front of the head table. Guests would take turns, trying to sink a putt. If they were successful. Tim and Chelsea would kiss. If not...someone at the participant's table could be nominated to smooch.

Lots of great tries. Some successful putts, some nominations, but great participation. The guests will remember this evening for a long time!

Once dinner completed, the toasts soon followed. Flowing into their cake cutting. From cake cutting to the couple's Love Story. The guests heard the story, of the genesis of Tim and Chelsea. From the very first swipe online. To the first date that was postponed to the movie theater where the first kiss happened to the proposal, then finally their handwritten final paragraph. Quoted verbatim on what makes the other, perfect for them.

Leading into the first and forever dance. A cover from Hailey Reinhart Can't Help Falling In Love.

This evening was complete with a familial tradition where all the family cousins entertain the happy couple with a choreographed dance.

Then leading into an Anniversary/Sweetheart dance. Where our winning couple offered up sage wisdom to our newlyweds.

The attention turned to the stage area, where it was time for the Bouquet and Garter Toss. Once again, you can personalize anything. Have some fun, be creative. Tim & Chelsea used a child's golf set to take a swing at the bouquet, and the garter, which was wrapped around a plastic ball. One the count of three...take a swing and send the prize flying into the crowd! One, two, three!!! The bouquet and garter went sailing into the crowd of single recipients!

The evening was complete with late-night snacks of pizza for the guests!

I was so honored to share in an amazing couple's love! Work with amazing vendors. Uphold familial traditions, and make some new ones!


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