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Dustin and Scarlet's Amazing Wedding Celebration

#FallinforRambo September 28th, Dustin and Scarlet shared their love in front of gathered friends and families. At a rural Fairbury venue

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for their wedding ceremony! A picturesque scenery, set to a traditional fall theme.

From their Grand Entrance, to the dinner, their guests were ready to have an amazing time.

Plus I was so honored, that I got to tell their Love Story. The special moment of the night.

Which led to the couples First Dance. This would be no ordinary dance. Back story, a few weeks prior I asked Scarlet if I could come over and spend some time with their boys. Playing Lego's, eating Oreo's, and catching them in their best kid state. My thought was to audio record them, and play the recording woven through their first dance of Tennessee Whiskey. The laughter, the babbles, the special moments. The outcome couldn't have been better! Tears, laughter, & celebration flooded Harms Country Farms

Lots of love to you all!!!


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