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Continual Training & Development

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Recently I had the distinct honor of attending an annual huddle for the best of the best in Wedding Entertainment and Designers. Focus for this year was The Art of THE STORY. Attendees were from all parts of North America: Montreal, Toronto, Idaho, Michigan, Kentucky, North Dakota, Carolinas, etc. All bringing with them, a willingness to get better and when they return home, deliver a better product for their clients, and their guests.

4 days of very heavy content, little to no breaks and by the end...a better product. "As iron sharpens iron" It truly was like drinking from a fire hose.

When we speak of the story, it's a tale as old as time...especially when the tale involves a special couple, and the nervousness that may exist from the first time they catch a glimpse of each other. Will one of them muster up the courage to start a conversation? Timing is usually a factor, school, kids, obligations, UGH!

But, just then...the stars align. Schedules work out and time alone, a "date" happens. But where? Cliche, dinner and a movie? Or something adventurous, batting cages and pizza?

As you can read, the story can be woven into many different tangents. Many couples think they don't have a good story, or a very interesting story. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every story is good, it just takes the skill of a professionally trained story teller to narrate it!


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