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Amazing Wedding Celebration! #FiveHeartsOneLove #PerfectlyBlended

September 14th, dear friends Scott and Chelsey tied the knot outside of Fairbury at

The major focus for their wedding celebration was family. Blending their love and then showcasing it to their guests. From the sand ceremony, they incorporated each of the children's special sand to make up the blend. At the reception, located in the beautfully decorated Quonset shed. Their first & forever dance was staged, with Scott and Chelsey having their moment, then an added twist for their guests. The kids love the new Lion King movie. We had a custom blend of Can You Feel The Love Tonight, to include the children for a #perfectlyblended family dance.

With the grounds at, there was enough space to incorporate yard games. Creating moments for the guests to enjoy the beautiful country air. While sipping on their favorite beverage!

Then, working with talented professionals is one of the many perks of my job!!! I had the pleasure of working with the super talented Sara Maurer .

Vendors can make or break your event. Scott and Chelsey hit a definite home run with their vendor list! Lots of love to you all, as you reflect on your amazing wedding day!!!

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