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Maybe you’ve done the research, taken suggestions from friends, read countless blogs on The Knot. While searching for answers, you’ve even asked your mom about her wedding reception from the ’80s.

Not only that - but you’ve spent endless hours coordinating the bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits. Bouquets. Centerpieces. Hairstyles. Perhaps, even ceremony decorations. You’ve spent so much time focusing on the 45-minute ceremony; only 20% of your day.

But what about the 80%? 
You’ll spend at least 4-6 hours at the reception; the majority of your wedding day. More than likely, your wedding day will be the first time you hold the keys to a 5-figure party. You need someone who is more than a DJ to guide your event.

Maybe you chose your first dance song because that was the song playing on the radio when your magical last first kiss happened. Your guests may have heard this song before - but they’ve never heard why it’s meaningful to you. These are your love stories each guest needs to know.

You need more than a DJ. You need a professionally trained storyteller to bring your small love stories to life, and to compel your guests to relate. You need a DJ to help direct, inform, and guide the evening activities - with zero downtime. You need a highly personalized wedding reception. 


My greatest ability is connecting your guests emotionally to the couple they came to celebrate. Because I choose to build "Real"sionships with each couple - I only work with a hand-select 20 couples per year.


You will find by choosing Lucas as your DJ, your stresses are relieved, packed dance floor, your night flows smoothly.

Can you afford to throw away your first 5-figure party on someone who doesn’t create a custom experience tailored around your love story?


•If you’re ready to have someone who will dedicate 25-30 hours of pre-event work.
•If you’re ready for someone to direct, inform, and guide the evening activities.
•If you’re ready to have a reception tailored to your love story.


Then I’d love for you to be one of the 20 couples I choose to work with.


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