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Shoe Game!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Want a creative alternative to the time-tested Shoe-lywed Game?

Everyone has been to a wedding where the Master of Ceremonies has brought up the couple, put them back-to-back. Asked them to exchange shoes with each other, and ask them a series of Google'd questions...BORING!!!

Why not put your own twist on it? Why use shoes? What's important to you? We have seen couples use, big stadium foam hands with their alma mater's. Cartoon characters, table tennis paddles. The list is endless to making it personal.

Who says it has to be just two people? Why not involve multiple couples? "Seasoned Veterans" those in attendance married more than 40 years. Parents, grandparents, those couples that traveled furthest away!

Ask better questions...insist your Master of Ceremonies makes it personal, and keeps it "grandma-friendly."


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