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Love Story, what is it?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

TJ & Taylor sharing their Love Story with their guests

One item that has become increasingly popular, has been the couples Love Story. I have been extremely blessed to have taken multiple workshops from the man that created the concept, Mr. Mark Ferrell. The Love Story is a very emotional moment of the night, preceding the couples first dance.

The Love Story is narrated by the Master of Ceremonies. To find the information, the couple will be asked questions such as: Where was the first time you saw your spouse? What was your immediate reaction? Love at first sight? Or "Oh Heck No!" How did the first date transpire? What led up to he/she asking you out? Or did you pursue them? How long did you date? How long into the relationship was it before the first kiss happened? Were you expecting it? How long before they shopped for a ring? Were you expecting the proposal? Plus many more!

Then, as a culmination of the Love Story comes the final paragraph. This is the moment of full disclosure, I choose you, because of...

When done correctly, the audience will share in the emotion with the evening's couple. Definitely a highlight of the evening.

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